This is a new passion project where I'll be creating an skincare ad illustration around the products I love.⁣ It would be a dream to work with beauty brands and I’m taking a step to put my artwork into the universe hoping it will become real one day.
My favorite project No. 1 - I love using Goodal's apple clearing pad to wipe away all my sweats post workout. Smells good and super convenient. ⁣
My favorite project No. 2 - Dr. Jart's Cicapair Sleepair Intensive Mask is perfect for hydrawing my skin overnight and makes it glow the following morning. The Cicapair line has the phrase ‘tiger grass’ so wanted to incorporate into the illustration. Plus, I’m using the brand's Cicapair color scheme of green + hot pink.
My favorite project No. 3 - Laneige's Water Sleeping Mask is light and deeply moisturizes my skin overnight.⁣⁣ I wanted to illustrate the feeling of hydration with a summer vibe. I’ve experimented with different textures here (than what I usually use) and I think I like how it turned out. 
My favorite project No. 4 - Using 2-3 drops of Biossance rose oil as part of my nighttime routine has been a game changer. My skin is super moist yet not greasy. This isn’t my typical bold style but I think the brand fits better with a soft and elegant feel.
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