This is my submission for #ArtistsforClimate to join the movement by @tedcountdown in collaboration with @fineacts where they are seeking illustrations and digital artwork focused on climate change. The goal is to build a valuable public resource for individuals and organizations who want to raise awareness and amplify their impact on climate change.
I wanted to focus on the hopeful outlook where if we make changes now (even small acts), we aren't too late to reverse climate change.
I wanted to created two visuals where the main visual spreading the important message. Here I wanted to depict the big hand representing us (as a whole) saving the planet from the pile of trash with the wording "It's Not Too Late" because it really isn't. Furthermore, I wanted to create a second visual showing small actionable steps we can take to make the changes.
The main goal is to create a poster-like illustration where it's visually pleasing but super informative at the same time! We are in this together ☺
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